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The story of our Italian Market

How We Started

The Waverly Market was established in 1929.  Today, this Gourmet Italian Market is run by the 3rd Generation of the Stefanini Family, David Stefanini, whose father and grandfather started the business together. When David’s Grandfather (Giacomo Stefanini) died, David’s Uncles and Aunt Eva worked with David’s father Joseph to carry on the family business. 

Taking the Reins

In 1975, David, who was in his last year of college studying to be an engineer and graduating at the top his class, sadly lost his father. At this point in time the only family left working at the market was an Aunt, an Uncle and David’s mother. Instead of pursuing a career as a Civil Engineer, he made a decision to work in the family business where his Father, Mother, Aunt and Uncle had made their life’s work. Making this special sacrifice for his family allowed the business to survive, and his mother to continue to work after losing her husband at such a young age. Today, at 97 years old David’s mother Angie is still working beside her son. David’s Aunt & Uncle have since passed on.

The Path to Success

Today the Waverly Market is thriving, and not just because it is run by this dedicated and close-knit family, but because of the love and passion that David himself puts into everything he does. Through many years of working beside his Father and Uncle, David learned many things, which includes being one of the best meat cutters in the industry. He is also an avid reader of many cooking magazines and is continually trying to learn new cooking techniques or recipes. David will tell you it is the love and support from his family, great employees, and terrific customers that help to make the Waverly Market a success!

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