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Here are just a few reviews of Waverly Market

Jean G.

The food at the Waverly Market tastes amazing and they offer quality homemade products that can't be matched by the big grocery stores. I have been a happy customer for over 30 years! They offer high quality meat products, and the owner/butcher is always there to fill specialty orders. They have a well stocked freezer case with an extensive variety of great in-house meat products: homemade sausages, porchetta roasts, porchetta steaks, prime beef steaks, ground meat (beef, pork , veal and chicken), and homemade meatballs (chicken, beef); burgers (beef, veal or lamb). The freezer items are vacuum sealed packaged which are great for stocking my freezer at home.· The deli also has a great selection of Italian cold cuts, and an extensive list of subs, and in-house specialties products like buffalo chicken meatloaf (my favorite), sausage loaf, and some really great daily specials. They also have a large selection of cheeses and dry pastas from Italy as well as many other Italian products. If you live in the Framingham area and you appreciate quality food, you should check it out, very few family markets like this are left.

Brianne M.

The Waverly Market is our favorite local spot for high-quality and delicious foods, as well as truly unique dishes that can't be found elsewhere. Our family has grown up going to the market for everything from their freshly made subs for lunch, frozen and prepared meals for weeknight dinners, to their finest meats for all our special occasions and holidays. We personally can't get enough of the porchetta roasts and buffalo chicken meatloaf. Not only is the food always excellent, it's nice to always see familiar faces working and experience wonderful customer service from this family owned and run business! We prefer to shop at the Waverly Market over the large grocery store chains for many of our needs because the quality, cleanliness, and personalized customer service is distinctive and can't be beat!

Joy M.

Take a trip to Italy without the flight. There is no better place to buy the highest quality meats, produce, cheese and Homemade Italian Specialties. I have been a customer for over· 20 years and the service is second to none. Dave's Ricotta Pie is the best I have ever tasted.

Bill R.

Please note! I am in no-way connected to or profit from the Waverly Market. I am just a happy consumer. I cannot believe this deli does little if any advertising. The owner relies on word of mouth (a hungry mouth). I grew up in Philadelphia which has the second largest Italian community after NYC so I'm familiar with Italian food and this place is more than "remarkable", trust me. While waiting for my sandwich, I have talked with other customers and learned there is a loyal following.

What could be better than Quadratini's during the Quarantine? These bad boys are GOOD. All the products in this Italian Deli are imported from the old country and the new exotic Italian dishes that appear almost daily are strictly homemade. The owner hand picks each strawberry and every\ last one of them is bright red and ready for the palate. An Uber driver turned me on to this place and now I share this valuable information with other Uber drivers. I call this the "Uber Hotline". The place is immaculate and the 3 generations of family that operate it couldn't be friendlier.

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